I am the mountain and the stream. I am the earth and the sky. I am the cooking pot for the awen and the brewed elixir. I am the barefoot slip of a girl, mother earth and the old wise woman, I am the dancer, the actor and the poet. I am the raging torrents of water as they fall over rocks. I am the gust and the breeze, I am the fire in the belly and the rising ecstasy from within. I Am Gaia.

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Handwoven Clothing

Clothing made from hand woven fabric is beautiful to wear and portrays a style unique to you. Whether you have chosen an item for daily wear or a garment individually commissioned for a special event or celebrancy; each item is a one off & never to repeated.


Using a mixture of natural yarns, the garments are wonderfully tactile ranging from a finely flowing shawl made from silk & linen to a warm sumptuous wrap incorporating wool and alpaca. The colour can be vibrant and chaotic or subtle and elegant with every shade in between.


Guardian of the Bees Wrap