I am the mountain and the stream. I am the earth and the sky. I am the cooking pot for the awen and the brewed elixir. I am the barefoot slip of a girl, mother earth and the old wise woman, I am the dancer, the actor and the poet. I am the raging torrents of water as they fall over rocks. I am the gust and the breeze, I am the fire in the belly and the rising ecstasy from within. I Am Gaia.

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The Origin of Saori

Saori began with Misao Jo in the 1950’s wanting to weave an obi, a Japanese Kimono Sash. At this point Misao Jo was in her 50’s. She was taught to weave by her 84 year old mother on a loom that her husband and sons made specially for her. However, while weaving conventionally, she felt like a machine creating ‘mechanical perfection’ rather than embracing human nature within the quality of the work. She said, ‘I have a brain and emotion. I’m a human being. I will weave an obi that is full of humanity.’ So, she started to weave her way – missing threads, working to her own rhythm and adding stripes and fringing as she desired. The resulting work was a visual record of her self expression. She  realised that copying previous patterns took the joy out of the weaving and so she embraced spontaneity and taught this to others as Saori weaving.



Meaning of Saori


‘Sa’ has the same meaning as the first syllable of the Buddhist  word ‘Sai’ that means ‘everything has it’s own individual dignity’


‘Ori’ means weaving.



The Four Principles of Saori


Consider the difference between a machine and a human being.


Be bold and adventurous


Let’s look through eyes that shine


Inspire one another and everyone in the group.

Misao Jo