I am the mountain and the stream. I am the earth and the sky. I am the cooking pot for the awen and the brewed elixir. I am the barefoot slip of a girl, mother earth and the old wise woman, I am the dancer, the actor and the poet. I am the raging torrents of water as they fall over rocks. I am the gust and the breeze, I am the fire in the belly and the rising ecstasy from within. I Am Gaia.

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Action & thought go a long way...


We weave our lives through actions and thoughts, through intension and desire. We create our past, our present and our future. We weave happiness, sadness, sucess & more.


Our future is our choice

Guardian of the Bees

- ceremonial garment

The Symbolic Act of Weaving


(Article published in Earth pathways Diary 2017)


'Weaving is akin to our lives. As life develops, we weave a fabric of our experiences, each person's with a different texture, colour and feel. If we are fortunate, we create a fabric of beauty, warm and fine, worthy of high regard. If we are less fortunate, we may have rucks and wrinkles, some colours that don't match, or even jar with each other. However, colour and texture are subject to personal taste and choices. there is no right and wrong, just a desire to be. These traits and sometimes oddities, can cause trouble or despair. However, with them, we have a richer and more learned experience than if our fabric of life was perfect. Saori and mindful weaving embody this theory. They teach us that we are innately creative, and to be valued as human beings, with all our perceived flaws, and that they too can be things of beauty. Saori and mindful weaving teaches us to look inwards, to see the beauty within and work step by step, to enjoy the process without worry. Weaving is truly about creating from the heart, making use of all our senses, and as in life, connecting to the world around us whilst being open to all possibilities and opportunities.'