I am the mountain and the stream. I am the earth and the sky. I am the cooking pot for the awen and the brewed elixir. I am the barefoot slip of a girl, mother earth and the old wise woman, I am the dancer, the actor and the poet. I am the raging torrents of water as they fall over rocks. I am the gust and the breeze, I am the fire in the belly and the rising ecstasy from within. I Am Gaia.

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My Beginnings in Weaving


As an artist who practices meditation I was immediatley drawn to Japanese Saori weaving when introduced by a friend. When first starting to create my own woven fabric, I would be compelled to keep looking at it and feeling it, both during the process of creation and after completion. After learning the principles from the lovely Kim Morgan at The Saori Shed in Diss, Norfolk, UK,  I ran with it and developed the process further. I spent lots of time playing and pondering on how to bring together inner work & meditation, concept / process, health & our environment. Weaving became not only a passion but a healing process. Conscious Crafting and ulimately Conscious Weaving was born.


Freedom Weaving


Freedom Weaving is for everyone, old or young, male or female, experienced weaver or complete novice. Using simple techniques, it embraces weaving as a form of meditation and a method of slowing down so what is important or hidden in plain sight can be seen. Freedom Weaving is a unique way of exploring, experiencing, of healing and understanding not only ourselves but our environment too.


Weaving is truly a joyful and peaceful act where we can connect with ourselves and the natuarl world around us, creating beautifuly tactile prieces which give joy in themselves. The process of weaving and creating allows movement and change, but also stillness when required. Every work is unique and holds the ideas and inspiration of the weaver. Weaving is a tradition that was present in our ancestors and to this day is passed on from mother to daughter, father to son, elder to younger all around the world. By weaving you are tapping into the ancient knowledge and slow way of life of those who have walked the earth before us.




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Published in Earth Pathways Diary 2017